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Postby James Victor Tierney » Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:39 am

From: Mark.Butler.MP@aph.gov.au
Date: Tuesday, 17 August 2010 4:50 PM
To: jvje8@exemail.com.au

Tue, 17 Aug 2010 16:50:53 +1000

MARK BUTLER Judith Elizabeth Tierney my wife a MEDICALLY retired DIRECTOR OF PSYCHIATRICK HOSPITALS told me the Queensland Society of ST VINCENT DE PAUL had a grievance policy which should in fact have dealt with the issues I will mention; they just disappeared!
Copious complaints were made starting at the beginning of 2005 to the following -
THE LABOR Premier Peter BEATIE –

I JAMES VICTOR TIERNEY sent registered mail containing evidence of this bullying to Queensland Workplace Health & Safety Director in Brisbane that was just returned back to me NO NOTE, NO LETTER, NOTHING!
We where told by Queensland Workplace Health & Safety Regional manager STEVE LAMB if we did not leave his Cairns office he would call QLD Police, which he did to avoid him answering questions put to him by JUDITH TIERNEY and RHONDA WALLACE.
The severe bullying was done to these WOMEN and myself by QLD ST VINCENT DE PAUL administrator MAREE FELL –
QLD Society ceo PETER MAHER –
FAR NORTH diocesan president Jerry McAuliffe –
And the new QLD State President JOHN CAMPBELL –
This bullying was so cunning, deceitful and severe to us group that depot manager Rhonda Wallace bought the items to kill herself in her car – SUICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many complaints were given to Maree Fell against Cairns ST VINCENT DE PAUL Workplace Health & Safety representative Peter O’Shaughnessy they were complaints that every time Peter O’Shaughnessy was in front of women he would deliberately maul his genitals, or hold and rub his balls as it has been described to me.
Qld. Society State Vice president Judith Elizabeth Tierney told him to stop doing it when he did it in front of her.
Rhonda Wallace reported this obscene behaviour to Marc King Cairns diocesan president nothing was done about this individual that still continually works for the Qld society many more complaints have been allegedly dismissed by Qld Cairns administrator Maree Fell.

Rhonda Wallace Another was employed as the Cairns depot manager the harassment and treatment (she kept a daily list), that she received, and tried to have addressed through the correct avenues, eventually reduced her to such a distressed state, that she went out and obtained the necessary equipment to commit SUICIDE.

A plastic hose and masking tape-
She resigned from the society and is still not mentally well enough to attempt to have this issue addressed anymore.
Rhonda Wallace stated it was Peter O’Shaughnessy that started the malicious rumours about her being a lesbian and as such should not be employed by this fine upstanding Catholic charity.
A statutory declaration was handed in to Maree Fell about Peter O’Shaughnessy obscene behaviour and this also never left Maree Fell’s office.
All this deceit and covering up by Labor politicians is all on Russell Mathews WEB SITES.
If after hearing your speech on INSIGHT today TUESDAY, 27 JULY 2010 Mr Marc Butler you ignore us and cover this up anymore you and the Australian Labor Party will regret this action believe me.



Dear Mr Stirling Hinchliffe,
I wonder who will reply to this email I will put money on it someone else will, not you.
The Labor Government must have hundreds of letter writers on their payroll.
Your reference: COM 00400 2007

20 April 2007
I come originally from the beautiful city of Liverpool England.
I would leave this country tomorrow for ever - if I could take with me my One Australian wife, two Australian sons, and almost two Australian granddaughters. When you were raised and lived in stricken poverty like my self and fellow liverpudlians where raised, it gives you two choices to be a victim or a winner.
As I never have any intention of being a victim I am a winner in more ways than one.
You must have realised by now that you are just one of many parliamentary secretary's or ADVISORS that have spoken on behalf of ministers to me, I could send you a list if requested.
You state to me, you regret the delay!
Sir, when it comes to accountability labor politicians party piece are deliberately avoid or delay - you are masters of it.

My advisor professor Brain Martin Wollongong Uni has made it transparent to the world in his article –
"Is it worth writing to government officials". And of course his answer and mine is NO!!

What good do you honestly believe it does me personally that YOU- would like to acknowledge and thank me for contributions in supporting young people at risk in the Cairns area, particularly my donation of gym equipment to the St Vincent De Paul in 2000. As you would be aware the St Vincent De Pauls gym was closed in October 2005.
This society's Jerry McAuliffe has been paying for the storage of my property and other party’s property since September 2006 all out of money donated for the poor.
Money donated for the poor is not to be wasted on storing stolen property!
Bishop James Foley wanted the society's Jerry McAuliffe to return all the stolen property to a part of the Catholic Church grounds at the expense of his and mine Catholic Church.

As I am the only one that knows what belongs to whom and what should be there I could investigate for Bishop James Foley - if any thing is destroyed or missing and make arrangements for the return of all properties to their owners, Jerry McAuliffe told Bishop James Foley he would agree only if I signed a "AS IS RELEASE DOCUMENT" I told Bishop James Foley to tell Jerry McAuliffe "To ---- --- I am not signing anything to do with this dog of a man that bully’s women and steals from the poor."

The society's ceo Peter Maher told the owner of the building that housed Vinnies Gym, Dean Lock- to stop complaining as he did good out of the arrangements with the society. Society ceo Peter Maher told Dean Lock he paid for a fully commercial kitchen for Vinnies Gym, Dean Lock asked my wife where the Commercial kitchen was as it was not in the Gym - my wife told Dean Lock, Peter Maher is telling lies it was the ALH Group that donated the kitchen maybe Peter Maher society ceo has it in his home.

You go on further to say - that you suggest in your emails that there are issues between yourself and St Vincent De Paul Society that extend beyond the gym closure. This seems to be a matter best discussed with the Society of St Vincent De Paul. I have recently spent 2 1/2 hours with Cairns Bishop James Foley discussing among many other things - the return of property stolen by St Vincent de Paul's Jerry McAuliffe yes they have other people's property.

But amazingly the Labor police minister seems to suggest it is a civil matter nothing that she should get excited about.

A civil matter, I ask you - I asked her if I stole something belonging to her or the premier if it would also be seen as a civil matter but as usual Mr parliamentary secretary I am still waiting for her response.

Like the response she gave to my brother in Liverpool England when he asked her to respond to him regarding Qld police and my wife and me he received some information as did many in the UK that email her for a response never happened.

She said she did not know any JAMES VICTOR TIERNEY living in Cairns that had issues with the Qld premier -Qld police - Qld WPH&S director - they wondered how many JAMES VICTOR TIERNEY'S living in Cairns there was.

Dear Mr Stirling Hinchliffe parliamentary secretary HAVE YOU EVER TRIED to discuss ANY ISSUE with the Society of St Vincent De Paul? That is backed up by Mr Warren Pitt, Qld Police minister Ms Judy Spence, Qld premier Qld WPH&S director.
They have been proven by numerous individuals to be thieves, liars and particularly expert bullies of women.
Yet your Mr Warren Pitt publicly suggested on PAPER lies as to the reason for the Vinnies Gym closure, giving his Catholic mates of this EVIL society reason to walk without any accountability to the Cairns community.
Ask him about his response to Mary Triant?

Dear Mr Stirling Hinchliffe, parliamentary secretary my emails suggest nothing - I state not suggest that
1. $130 Million dollars of generations of Queenslanders donations was given away illegally to Ozcare that has no connection with the society of thieves St Vincent de Paul.

I suggest to you that THIS IS MOST CERTAINLY is not an issue with me and St Vincent de Paul.
I suggest to you acting for Mr Warren Pitt that it is a POLICE MATTER - NOTHING to do with me!!!!

Have you any idea how much $130 Million dollars IS?
And how I could help the community of Cairns with $130 Million dollars +++ in my pocket?
Want confirmation you can choose - first ask retired barrister Jack Williams life long member of this society.

2. Ask Judith Tierney that sat in a four hour telephone conference conducted by retired barrister Jack Williams regarding ways of getting this stolen money back to the Cairns community from Ozcare.
Judith Tierney has a copy of the memorandum.
3. The Australian newspaper that published this information.
Col Dillon is a good person to ask about Qld police.

If you did not support Warren Pitt you would be out of a job so what does your opinion to me mean NOTHING!!!

YOU SAY “I support Minister Pitt’s comments as reported by the Cairns Post on 13 January 2007 the prevention of crime and violence is the responsibility of every member of society. The causes of crime are complex and interlinked.
The Queensland Government is responsible for ensuring everyone has a safe community in which to live and are using a number of approaches to do this.

The Queensland Police Service is primarily responsible for the detection of offenders and the bringing of offenders to justice. While this prevents crime through deterrence, it does not address all of the underlying factors leading an individual to choose to commit a crime. In recognition of this reality the Queensland Government is working together with community
partners to service areas of identified need.

To do so, the Department of Communities provides extensive funding to a number of organisations in Cairns and the far northern region. I understand a list of these services and their contact details have previously been provided for your information.

I trust this puts the Ministers comments into context.

Do you people ever get tired of the games you play with people's lives?

If the department can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Boris Pointing, Senior Community Support Officer, on 4048 9333.

Yours sincerely
Jim Tierney


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James Victor Tierney
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